.:A & A Models:. VJ101C-X2 Superosonic-capable VTOL #released

VJ101C-X2 SUPERSONIC-CAPABLE VTOL FIGHTER. Brief history: In 1959 the design teams of the German companies Bolkow, Heinkel and Messerschmitt were formed into a consortium named Entwicklungsring Sud to develop a Mach 2 VTOL interceptor for the Federal German defence ministry. Heinkel left the consortium in 1964 and in the following year it was re-formed as a company with the title Entwicklungsring Sud GmbH, known more usually as EWR.Two prototypes of the EWR VJ 101C single-seat experimental VTOL aircraft were built. Generally similar, they were both of high-wing monoplane configuration, primarily of light alloy construction, had retractable tricycle landing gear and accommodated the pilot in a pressurised cockpit, seated on a Martin-Baker ejection seat. Powerplant comprised six RB.145 turbojets, developed jointly by Rolls-Royce and MAN-Turbomotoren, with two mounted vertically in the fuselage, immediately aft of the cockpit, and two in a swivelling pod at each wingtip.
​The VJ101C X-2 (second prototype) had ​afterburning engines in the wingtip pods, providing greater power for take-off and landing, and this made its first hovering flight on 12 June 1965. Four months later, on 22 October, the X-2 achieved the first full transitions from vertical to horizontal flight and vice versa, but development was discontinued soon after.
Kit includes

  • 107 pcs.
  • photo-etched sheet;
  • adhesive masks;
  • 1 camouflage ( during tests)
photo via scalemodellingnews

.:GWH:. McDonnell Douglas F-15I IDF

Great Hobby Wall...

These were basically E models that had been slightly modified, and marked 'F-15I' - with the 'I' standing for Israel. זרוע האויר והחלל,

.:Modelsvit:. T-10-10 |*Su-27* prototype| #renders /*edit*/

Dear fellows,

We shall do our best to make a nice Christmas present to you.....
Bellow you could find few renders of our next 1/72 kit - the T-10-10 (Su-27 prototype), which development currently is in progress. The kit means to have 160 plastic parts, photo-etched sheet, adhesive masks and decals for 3 colouring schemes.
So, stay with us....

one of 72news.eu reader give us some corrections:)
Hello. T-10-10 is a prototype of the Su-27, and not the Su-17.  Modelsvit  
in their news made a mistake.

Vladislav | lan*****@g****.com

Thank you!
Дорогие друзья,

Мы постараемся сделать Вам хороший подарок для Новогодних праздников.
Ниже прилагаются рендеры нашей следующей разработки - 1/72 кит-набор самолета Т-10-10 (прототип Су-27). В коробке планируется следующее содержание: 160 литейных деталей, фотоэтч, декали для 3-х вариантов окраски и масок для покраски.
Оставайтесь с нами.

.:MPM:. 3x Bristol Beaufighter - Mk. I Mk. VI and Mk. XXI

Rebox with:
Hasegawa plastic, BOA printed decals, Quickbost resin.!
kit no. 72009


 Beaufighter 1/72, přebal Hasegawy, bude na trh uveden v druhé polovině října. Každá krabice obsahuje kompletní výlisek pro verze Mk.I, Mk.VI, Mk.21. Výfuky dodal Quickboost, masku na kabinu AZ/KP, obtisky BOA.
V Mk.I a Mk.VI jsou i obtisky na stroje používané československými piloty, Australské Beau postihují všechny tři verze.

.:DF Helo Stuff:. Hip^s don^t lie [ feat. Mil Mi8S/ Mi8T ] #decals

DF-Helo stuff DF50672
Mil Mi8S Hip (Lithuanian Air Force)

DF-Helo stuff DF50272
Mil Mi8T Finish Hips?

and you can always chose to listen some nice and funny clip...

.:Hasegawa:. Kugisho P1Y1 Ginga Type 11 #reissue

The classic art of the boxarts.
Ecce: Koike Shigeo.

The twin-engine "Frances!"

Designed for low-level torpedo and night bomber attacks, the twin-engine, Yokosuka-built P1Y Ginga began flight trials in the summer of 1943. While initial versions were not deemed impressive by the Imperial Navy, the P1Y1-S, with its increased speed, Type 99 cannons and Type 2 machine guns, was highly regarded and extensively used until the end of WWII. Kit features full decals and highly detailed parts.

November 2017.

.:Special Hobby:. Fouga Magister Premium box

Special Hobby will be selling some premium new models. One of them is Fouga Magister "German, Finnish and Austrian" 1/72 (cat. no. SH72373). Here you can see how this kit looks. The decals have been printed out by Cartograf. 

.:Blackbirdmodels:. Saro Lerwick #still_Hot

Detailed resin kit of this WW2 RAF flying boat which includes decals and beaching gear

The Saunders-Roe A.36 Lerwick was a British flying boat built by Saunders-Roe Limited (Saro). It was intended to be used with the Short Sunderland in Royal Air Force Coastal Command but it was a flawed design and only a small number were built. They had a poor service record and a high accident rate; of 21 aircraft, 10 were lost to accidents and one for an unknown reason.

.:Academy:. McDonnell Douglas F-15 | Republic of Korea Air Force box

kit no. 12554
Snap kit:)

    R.O.K Air Force multi-role fighter aircraft
    Multi-Colored Parts (MCP), no painting needed
    Cartograf decals
    Assembles without glue
    Precisely engraved panel lines, rivet details, cockpit and landing gear
    Features external fuel tank, air to air missile, air to surface missile and tarrgeting pod

.:Hasegawa:. Nakajima Ki43-II HAYABUSA & Ki44-II SHOKI “Akeno Flying School”

w/TX40 FUEL TRUCK (2 kits in the box)
Limited Edition #suprise
Ki43-II Late
J.A.A.F. Akeno Army Flying School Dec.,1943
Ki44-II Koh
1) J.A.A.F. Akeno Army Flying School Code: 84 Dec.,1943
2) J.A.A.F. Akeno Army Flying School Code: 45 Dec.,1943
1) J.A.A.F. Akeno Army Flying School Code: 83 Dec.,1943
2) J.A.A.F. Akeno Army Flying School Code: 87

.:Special Hobby:. Nakajima Ki-43-III Ko Hayabusa #reissue

 limited re-release of our earlier and succesfull 1/72 Nakajima Ki-43 Ko Hayabusa model.

October 2017
One of such pilots was without any question Capt. Hideo Miyabe, commander of 64th Sentai, stationed in Burma in autumn 1944. The decals in our model cater for markings of his machine that sported an arrow on the fin as the 64th Sentai marking. Other two options cover a 48th Sentai machine from Nanking in China 1945 and a 65th Sentai machine stationed in mainland Japan in 1945. Of note is that the 65th Sentai was light bomber unit and their Hayabusas were to be used in the fighter-bomber role. The kit contains two sprues of grey plastic parts and a frame of injected clear parts.

.:Valom:. McDonnell F-101A Voodoo nuclear bomber #boxart

Valom VAL72124 
artist: Zdenek Macháček
www.aviation-art.cz Ⓒ

F-101 Voodoo with A bomb Mk.7 (pro Valom 1/72)
format A3

.:Kiwi Models:. Harvard /Texan conversion sets bonanza


.:EagleCals: Bf 109 G-6S #October1

Finally, Cartograf finished with the printing of the new decals sheets for famous Eagle Cals
Finally received announcement from Cartograf that our EagleCals #171 and #172 for the Bf 109 G-6s are on the way to us from Italy! Whew!

 EagleCals #171 Bf 109 G-6s

  • "Yellow 6" 12./JG 51, 1944 Eastern Front, pilot unknown
  • "Red (or Black) 11", 2./JG 302 Jüterbog Feb 1944
  • "Blue 14" Bf 109 G-6/R6 12./JG 2 Beaumont le Roger, France 1943
  • "Black 1" Bf 109 G-6/R6 8./JG 54 Spring 1944 Lüneburg, Germany


EagleCals #172 Bf 109 G-6s

  • "Red (or Black) 7" 2./JG 302 Jüterbog February 1944 Pilot: Xaver Neumeier W. nr. Unknown
  • "Blue 17" 12./JG 2 Beaumont le Roger, France 1943
  • "White 3" 1./JG 300 Wildesau Spring 1944
  • "White 11" Bf 109 G-6/R6 7./JG 54 Spring 1944