.:Res - Kit:. Eurofighter and IAI Kfir wheels sets

New aftermarket supplier on this blog.
RES-KIT from the Ukraine.


The company unravels some detail on the homepage:
The RES / KIT accessories company for stand modeling was created in 2015 by two modelers in Kiev.
We started with the development of aircraft wheels in 1/48 and 1/72 scale. Currently we are expanding our product range with equipment and figures in 1/35 scale, photoetching and decals.
We have been preparing for more than 2 years, so modellers can eventually evaluate the quality and realism of our products.
Two sets today on the 72news.eu

In the bag...

 They of course having Facebook page;] https://www.facebook.com/reskit.ukraine/
RS72-059 set

As you can expect - the lvl of the details is...well - HIGH


Crisp and sharp. The tread of the tyre - this is THIS.
So, if you are the lucky one with the brand new AMK Kfir, this set will warm up your heart.


Thanks for Jana from the Res_kit for providing these samples:)

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