.:Eduard:. Redesign of the oldest PE sets and more

Stanislav Müller is re-designing the the instruction manual for the photo-etch that we have designed for the Japanese 1/72 bomber Yokosuka P1Y Ginga/Frances. The original one is from 1996 (pic. no.2). For example, there is no colour distinction between the plastic and metal parts, so it is necessary to update the instruction manuals from time to time. Instruction sheet designers use modern computer programs (pic. no. 4), however, good instruction manuals often need a traditional pen and ink drawing, as you can see on the example from the H8K2 Emily manual, .

 And quoting Eduard Info 08/2017:

(...)we have also been showing off new prepainted instrument panels with clear lenses over the instruments. This is in the prototype stage, and it‘s new and utlises to good advantage the capabilites of our new printer. It also has a much sharper print which is evident in the instruments themselves, but it also handles colour beter. The net result is the eliminaton of the infamous raster, which still from time to time becomes the theme of some discussion.

Hm. This means - Eduard was testing new printing technology and materials, which - may be will become to available also for for 72 scale modelers.

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