.:AMG:. Messerschmitt Bf-109D #inbox

The box, and the nice boxart.+
Tryin' to do the best with my 12years old camera, but some of the photos taken for this inbox...
Well, the noise maker is bundled with this one for free;]
in the box

3x plastic sprue

a few fuselage close-ups

Now the wing

back to the fuselage

again...the wing

and the bottom part of the wings...



horizontal stabilizer...

and some internal details...

..wheel bays including

Clear parts. Crisp and clear. No fear.

PE fret with the template for the hatches. THIS IS really great idea.

Hey, mom - look - no hands my third hand! The resin part...

macro. The air intake...

The decals. Nothing fancy. The crosses in some forms. 

Decals. AMG did the great job with the chosen camo schemes.

The vinyl mask plus the instrument panel. The macro gives you gratis free look @ some raster:)
inst. man.
For full scan of the inst. http://www.72news.eu/2017/07/amg-early-messerschmitt-instr-manuals.html
The best jumo-powered early Messerschmit on the market now.
Full multimedia - plastic, resin and PE. Mask are included.
Review courtesy of my wallet with the co-op with the AMG.

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