.:Trumpeter:. Shenyang J-31 Gyrfalcon #boxart

.:Eduard:. GBU-43/B MOAB for #october

 Renders of our new GBU-43/B MOAB, also called the "mother of all bombs" in 1/72 scale. The model was built by the designer of this set Luboš Zach. Release in the Brassin range is planned for October under the cat. no. 672160.

.:Broplan:. Breguet 941 (alias McDonnell 188) #vacu

(BroPlan MS-203)
 (American Airlines & Eastern Air Lines)

The Breguet 941 was a French four-engine turboprop STOL transport aircraft developed by Breguet in the 1960s. Although widely evaluated, it was not built in large numbers, with only one prototype and four production aircraft being built.

Caracal Models - F-106A "City of Jacksonville" #decals

For a short time during 1976, one of the Delta Darts of the Florida Air National Guard wore the most colorful paint scheme ever seen on an F-106 : the "City of Jacksonville".

This decal sheet will allow you to build a model of this beautiful aircraft in all its glory. Extensively researched and carefully designed to fit the new Meng kit, this 1/72 scale sheet features all the unique markings on this aircraft and spare stars of all three different types used on the design.

Some careful masking and painting is required.


.:Special Hobby:. Casa C-212 "Portuguese Tail Art"

I have some goods news for modellers that look forward to our 1/72 CASA C.212. The first two versions will be released this year already. We chose CASA C.212-100 - the standard model will appear under the catalogue number SH72344 (CASA C.212-100) and then there will be a limited edition SH72376 (CASA C.212-100 ("Portuguese Tail Art").
For SH72344 we chose three camouflages: grey Spanish aircraft 72-11, Chilean 211 and ARC 702 used by the Colombian Navy. To make sure that all the details and camouflages are perfect, we would like to ask especially South American modellers for help. We need as many pictures, detailed descriptions, markings (for example the names of pilots under the canopy of the Chilean aircraft) and camouflages (especially on the upper side of the wings) as possible. If you have any, please send them to riedel@specialhobby.eu.
For those who look forward to other versions of the CASA C.212, the higher versions will be released as well, some of them next year.
The works also are finished on the P-40 and the Do-28 /all three project are outsourced by Special Hobby/



→PJ/HPM Mirage on this blog: http://www.72news.eu/HighPlanetModels

 More details on 72news.eu:

But, be warned:
2017 minus 142...
Only for advanced modellers born in the 1875 or earlier.👻

.:Special Hobby:. Letov Š.328 "Slovak National Uprising"

kit no. SH72369 
The Letov Š.328 “Slovak National Uprising” kit in 1/72 scale is to be released early this September to commemorate this important event of Slovak WW2 resistance which broke out at the very end of August 1944. As the insurgent forces operated Letovs of various series with both aluminium and plywood skinning of their rear upper fuselage, the kit will also contain both styles of the fuselage and wing.

The insurgent Letovs had rather interesting history, and here we bring you the full captions that will accompany the kit’s option schemes:
camo A:
Letov Š.328.266, B-10, Tri Duby air base (presently Sliač), Combined Squadron, Slovakia, September 1944. The machine was heavily used during the uprising and also wore non-standard national insignia. The red, hand-painted stars the rather worn out aircraft wore had been applied just because the machine was flown on liaison duties over the front. However, it saw some real action too and on several occasions it got back to the base with bullet holes in the fabric skinning of the wings and tailplanes, requiring repairs and even replacement of the elevators.
camo B:
Letov Š.328.61, S-76, Tri Duby, Combined Squadron, Slovakia, late August 1944. This first series machine featuring metal fuselage skinning was a true warhorse, and also most possibly the very first airplane to receive national insignia of the insurgent forces, these being the original, pre-war Czechoslovak roundel with an added motif of a white patriarchal cross and three peaks. The plane was destroyed on 31 August 1944 during a German air raid against the insurgent base.
camo C:
Letov Š.328.148, B-5, Tri Duby, Combined Squadron, Slovakia, September-October 1944. During the uprising, B-5 was used for combat missions. The intense service and also usage of several airframe components from other machines was noticeable on this plane’s finish. Various crews were reported to have flown this plane, for instance on 17 September 1944 a crew of J.Kúkel and L.Haim successfully attacked enemy artillery battery near Opatovce. For sergeant J.Kúkel, his involvement in the uprising was the starting point of his steep military career. In the post war Czechoslovak Air Force, Kúkel would become a top jet pilot, achieve the rank of Lieutenant General and would also reach the post of a commander of the 10 Air Army only to be put to reserve in 1971 for his disapproval of the Warsaw Pact “friendly armies” invasion of Czechoslovakia in August 1968.
camo D:

Letov Š.328.296, S-34, Tri Duby, Combined Squadron, Slovakia, September-October 1944. A dual control machine that had been operated in the training role by the Slovak State Air Force (SVZ). Following the break out of the Slovak uprising, the aircraft was converted back to combat standard and flown by various crews until 25 October 1944, when Tri Duby airfield was abandoned because of the advancing German troops. The aircraft is reported to have been flown in an armed recce mission by a crew of A.Soldán and L.Haim on 19 September.

.:IBG:. PZL 23B Karaś | Polish Light Bomber (Early)

cat. no. 72506
We would like to present the boxart for one of our upcoming news - the PZL.23 B Karaś, early production - available in the very beginning of October!

FYI: boxart by Arkadiusz Wróbel

.:Hasegawa:. Grumman E-2C Hawkeye 2000 "VAW-115 Sayonara"

Standing sentry since the sixties

Crews from VAW-115 have flown the Hawkeye, in one version or another, since the Vietnam War. The long-ranged radar of this turboprop aircraft allows command and control of forces over broad swathes of ocean as well as detection well beyond the range of ship-based radar. Continuous improvements have seen the Hawkeye on carrier decks for longer than any other aircraft in the US inventory. This limited edition kit features detailed parts and a special "Sayonara Atsugi" decal.

Decal Options:

  •     US Navy ACCLOG WING VAW-115 "Liberty Bells" Code: NF600 (166505) Atsugi A.B. June 1, 2017
  •     US Navy USS Ronald Reagan VAW-115 "Liberty Bells" CVW-5 CAG Code: NF600 (166505) Atsugi A.B. May 2017

.:Special Hobby:. Curtiss P-40N Warhawk ~testing~

It has already been announced and it surely is a well known fact that Special Hobby is working on an almost complete P-40 family kits in popular 1/72 scale. Using a couple of tooling blocks, we will be producing all Allison equipped versions starting with the P-40E and ending with the P-40N (ie. not those airframes which had  RR Merlin powerplants).  Delighted to say now, the final testshots have just successfully passed our quality control process and the production can be commenced rather soon, the first boxes to be available in your favourite hobby shop about this November.

The common sprue contains, besides the universal wing and tail parts also a pair of fuselage halves portraying the E version.  The tooling block has incorporated option (via two pairs of switches – see pivot-like protrusions on the sprue) to switch off the E fuselage halves and make an advantage of different fuselages of K early, K late, M and N versions. The other sprue with a plethora of smaller parts is also common for any version. There will also be two clear sprues with two different styles of the sliding canopy hood and rear windows. These still need some final polishing, we will share them with you later.
To get you an idea how the model looks like and what you are to find in the kit’s box, our Production Manager and also a Lead Historian and Researcher Alfred Riedel, whom many of you who attend plastic model show surely already know, has decided to build his replica using the final testshots. Although a convinced quarter-scale guy, he took the 1/72 P-40N version and no doubt is to finish it in a colour scheme as operated down under by the RNZAF. He wants to share his photos here with you in an irregular series as the spare time he could devote to his life-time hobby seems to be strictly limited. Starting last nigh half past nine, he achieved some slight progress in the cockpit area.
So, if you also are a P-40 buff, stay tuned to our blog.