.:SEM Model:. Couzinet 71 ARC-5 "L^avion de Mermoz" #released

The Couzinet 70 was a 1930s French three-engined commercial monoplane built by Société des Avions René Couzinet founded by René Couzinet.
 Couzinet 71- Prototype (of the 70 "10 Arc en Ciel" modified for service as a mailplane, with lengthened nose and strut-braced tailplane)
 and of course...
Jean Mermoz  was a French aviator, viewed as a hero by many in both Argentina and his native France, where many schools bear his name. In Brazil, he also is recognized as a pioneer aviator.
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Sadly the english article about Mermoz in only a stub. More of course in the french version:

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