.:Hasegawa:. Junkers Ju88C-6 #boxart

A Luftwaffe legend

The Luftwaffe had many impressive fighter-bombers in its arsenal throughout World War II. Without question, the Junkers Ju 88 was one of the best. 900 C-6s were produced by Junkers in all. Major differences included belt-fed machine guns in place of drum-fed machine guns, along with more powerful engines than previous variants. Many C-6 aircraft were adapted for use as a night fighter, adding airborne intercept radar and twin "Schräge-Musik" 20 mm cannons. This limited edition kit features one marking option.

Decal Option:

  •     Luftwaffe 4./KG 76, Code: F1 + XM
Splendid boxart, I still remember F1+XM from the Italeri in the early nineties

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