.:Arma Hobby:. PZL P.7A /still hot/ #I*N*B*O*X

Still hot! The box. With the art of Mr. Górecki.
How big is the big box? Photo with others #boxez
or two other boxes ;]
Arggghhh. Open sided...
"... in der attraktiven aber unpraktische Schüttelbox" #copypaste

One string - bag. Hello eu-packing-style!
because all sensitive parts are packed separately.  Above: family photo.
...and the main sprue...

the wing... the famous gull wing...

...and here we go... the flash...
There are two type of inbox fetish.
1) Panel lines - like the **fix trenches or... not
2)Is the flash on the sprues?
Not so f-sure, where is the true truth with these statements.

..and the Mercury engine. 

bottom surface of the wing

Vertical stablizer.

and say hi to the panel lines!

sadly😏 the match is not a part of the kit.

The vinyl mask.

Full multimedia kit - photo film #gratis. Canopies and the panels.

...hot wheels... D*nloop!

wiht naked eye is hard to belive, but.. the power of the resin. Also in the 72scale.

 More about the Arma Hobby PZL P.7A:


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