.:Dekno Models:. De Havilland DH-87B Hornet Moth - new variants

cat. no GA720601
de Havilland DH-87 Hornet Moth. Decals for two civilian versions. G-ADNE so called Ariadne. Today restored and in flying condition. The second version the OY-DOK the epopeia of this airplane inspired Kent Follett the novel "Hornet Flight". The box contains masks and chrome frames for the windows
cat. no 720602
de Havilland DH-87B Hornet Moth. The military version of the airplane, in service with the 529 RAF Squadron. It was used mainly for radar calibration. This airplane is restored and in flight today. This kit does't contain chrome frames because you do not need it) (nor window frames)

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.:Begemot:. Mi-24 - V, VP, R and K #incoming

Despite +40 С outside the window we don't give up and release new decal.
Today we keep old promises - 72-064 Mil for Mi-24V, VP, R and K modification. In decal include 36 marking scheme for helicopters from different countries, also include full stencil set for one helicopter and any types of external armament.
Expecting questions - and when will be print decal for Mi-24P - we answer this decal in work too, but we won't advance an event. Firstly we will release 1-48 decal for Mi-24V, VP, R and K modification

.:Hasegawa:. Junkers Ju88C-6 #boxart

A Luftwaffe legend

The Luftwaffe had many impressive fighter-bombers in its arsenal throughout World War II. Without question, the Junkers Ju 88 was one of the best. 900 C-6s were produced by Junkers in all. Major differences included belt-fed machine guns in place of drum-fed machine guns, along with more powerful engines than previous variants. Many C-6 aircraft were adapted for use as a night fighter, adding airborne intercept radar and twin "Schräge-Musik" 20 mm cannons. This limited edition kit features one marking option.

Decal Option:

  •     Luftwaffe 4./KG 76, Code: F1 + XM
Splendid boxart, I still remember F1+XM from the Italeri in the early nineties

.:A&A Models:. German VTOL fighter prototype VJ101C-X2 #september

cat. no. 7202
Here is our next 1/72 kit - the German VTOL fighter prototype VJ101C-X2.This original plane was designed in late 50-s by consortium between Bolkow, Heinkel and Messerschmitt named EWR iaw requirements of the German defence ministry for Mach 2 capable VTOL fighter. Overall, only 2 prototypes had been prepared for tests, the VJ101C X-2 was the second of them.
VJ101C-X2 (#7202) is scheduled for release in mid September.Photo-etched sheet and adhesive masks are included.

.:Modelsvit:. Soviet supersonic experimental interceptor I-7U

After a short summer vacation, we are back to work and ready to share with you our next 1/72 kit - the Soviet supersonic experimental interceptor I-7U, which shall be released in September.
The kit shall come with photo-etched sheet, adhesive masks and opened canopy.....follow us for more detailed information soon.
После короткого летнего отдыха, мы снова приступили к работе.
Как некоторые из Вас догадались, наша следующая новинка в 72-м масштабе - опытный сверхзвуковой истребитель И-7У.
Кит-набор планируется к выпуску в сентябре. В ближайшие дни предоставим более подробную информацию о новинке....

.:HPM Hobbies:. Mirage IIID & Mirage IIIO twin pack #august

 Our next release is Mirage IIID & Mirage IIIO twin pack. The kit includes two complete models and decals for ARDU & 2 OCU RAAF. The camera nose for Mirage A3-2 is included in clear resin.

The kit will start shipping toward the end of August and is available for pre-order now. All pre-orders will include bonus resin ejector seats and exhaust.

.:Airfix:. McDonnell Douglas Phantom FG.1 ^testsprues^ + paint^schemes

McDonnell Douglas Phantom FG.1 XT864 / 151 /VL, No.767 Naval Air Squadron, Fleet Air Arm, Royal Naval Air Station Yeovilton, Somerset, England, 1971.

.:Xtradecal:. Henschel Hs-123A-1/Hs-123B-1 #incoming

Henschel Hs-123A-1/Hs-123B-1 (6 markings)

  • Fliegergruppe 50 1938 special markings for Lt.Hamann [who had just learnt to flyFYI: KIA 1940]
  • L2+AC II.(Sch.)/LG 2 Gruppen Kommandeur Hauptmann Otto Weiss France
  • L2+1940;
  • Red P 10(Schl.)/LG 2 with yellow nose and rudder Balkans Campaign; Green 0 Adjutant 10(Schl.)/LG 2 with yellow fuselage band and wing tips Russia 1941;
  • 1-50 Regimento Mixto No 1 based Alcala de Henares. Spain