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Schopf F59 Aircraft Tug  

The F59 is specifically designed for pushback and towing of regional aircraft up to and including the Avro RJ100. Four-wheel drive, equal weight distribution on all 4 wheels, max. DBP 48 kN. Optionally with elevating cab.

Kit no. 171372, multimedia kit by Videoaviation, an italian company, luckily for the 72 scale community now supporting this scale too. Luckily because the subjects and the very, very high quality casting,
there is no inbox w/o the box!

23 parts from the resin.
PE fret with 27 part
The Decals
Transparent parts /in ready to go pre-cut form/:
all parts
The main part, the Tug itself. 
Razor-blade casting, belive the 72news.eu.. The macro on the photos etc - but... this is the level of details that you love.

Fine pre-cut transparant parts and the massive photo - etched sheet.
And the decals - what I can say... Printed very well. They are provided for RAF and Royal Navy versions

more details. And this still no-mainstream kit.

the kit inside the kit:) The towing bar and the blowing details

once again

six-wheel drive... Ups - only four, but - superB!


and the instruction manual

plain and simple...

with the painting schemes includes.
Sweet little gem, high quality resin kit. I wish myself more kits like this on the market - because products with this level of the details will  set a high standard for others.

And my sincere thanks for videaviation for providing this one.

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