.:Special Hobby:. Helldiver - ready to...dive

Ready for shipping...
Today we have begun packaging the SB2C-5 Helldiver "The Final Version" (kit cat.no. SH72350) so that the distribution of the model may begin shortly. The Helldiver kits will also accompany the other models already prepared for the 2017 Modellbrno event (taking place 16-17 June 2017). The photos below show you not only the kit’s box content but also several behind-the-scene looks from our packaging department, the colleagues there obviously suffering from kind of Helldiver-fever.
First post about SH release of Helldiver @ 72news.eu:
December 7 2016... 6...7 months from announcement to release date.





and the packing /backstage photos/ 

starting point...


...going full steam ahead...


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