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Limited edition kit of Spitfre Mk.IX in 1/72scale. The kit is focused on Czechoslovak
pilots and RAF squadrons as well as post war Spitfre Mk.IX service in Czechoslovakia and Israel. The book by Zdeněk Hurt is a part of the kit.
Decals printed by?
Yes. You got it.
By Cartograf.
 Our main August project is the 1/72nd scale NASI SE VRACEJI (The Boys are Back), intended to coincide with the anniversary of the return of Czechoslovak airmen from Great Britain on August 13, 1945. As in the 48th scale predecessor of the same name released four years ago, the focus of this package is the publication written by Zdenek Hurt. The publication uses to advantage massive archival materials to describe the services of Czechoslovak pilots on the Spitfre Mk.IX in British and Czechoslovak squadrons during the Second World War in Europe, their eventual return to their homeland in 1945, their integration into postwar fghter units, and even describes the use of the Spitfre by Israel, to which the Czechoslovak aircraft were sold in 1948. The publication goes on to describe aircraft of various other air forces that obtained the Spitfres by way of transfers, sales and trades, and includes current aircraft in private collections. There are three kits in the package, covering each of the Spitfre F Mk.IX, LF/HF Mk.IXc and LF Mk.IXe. The decals cover a total of forty marking options that are detailed in both the publication and the instruction manual. Included in the kit are, naturally, masks and photoetched brass, resin wheels and two types of resin exhausts. Contrary to the 48th scale version of this project, this kit will be generally available with other new releases
Sir Vladimir Sulc in the letter /leaflet2017-08/ to distributors...

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