.:Hasegawa:. Mitsubishi® Ki15-I & Ki46-II/III #june

Take off with "Dinah" and "Babs"

The long-range Ki-46 reconnaissance aircraft was designed by Mitsubishi to replace the single-engine Ki-15. The popular Ki-46 III variant was powered by twin, fuel-injected Ha-112 engines and featured a new canopy and a fuel tank positioned ahead of the pilot. This limited edition kit combo features a Ki15-I with one marking option and a Ki46-II/III with two marking options.

Decal Options:

  •     IJAAF 16th Company Independence Flight


  •     Type 100 II - IJAAF 16th Company Independence Flight, Osaka 1944
  •     Type 100 III - IJAAF 16th Company Independence Flight, Code: 37, Osaka 1945

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