.:Hasegawa:. F-4EJ Kai Phantom II/RF-4E Phantom II #repop

Spirited supersonics

The Phantom II set sixteen speed and altitude records that stayed in place for decades. Once, they were America's most common supersonic aircraft. They are still used by the JASDF for recon. This limited edition kit combo features an F-4EJ Kai kit with two marking options and RF-4E kit with one marking.

Decal Options:
F-4EJ Kai
  • JASDF 7th AW 301st Sq., Code: 423 (97-8423), Hyakuri AB, 2016
  • JASDF 7th AW 302nd Sq., Code: 420 (97-8420), Hyakuri AB, 2016
  • JASDF Air Recon. Group 501st Sq., Code: 905 (47-6905), Hyakuri AB
Suggested retail price give me hiccups


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