.:Eduard:. Fw190A8/R2 boxart - historical backgroud - by Jan Zdiarsky

In fact, the scene on the cover was metculously researched and is based on fact, and the preparatory work was passed on to the artst, who is in this case Piotr Forkasziewicz. Just whathappened on July 18, 1944, you can readin this info in the artcle by Jan Zdiarsky. I highly recommend reading it. It’s one of the most rivetng historical accounts I have ever read. /V. Sulc @ Eduard info/
It was published today in the May issue of Info Eduard magazine and can be downloaded at:

Article begins on page 15. You can find that the WWII airwar over Europe was not an easy task and was nothing romantic! 

Very detailed article - over 10 pages full of photos, schemes, diagrams etc.
Well done, Eduard.
My preciousssssssss....
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