.:ScaleWorx:. The progress of the conversion for AMG Kfir

Update on the 1/72 Kfir TC.2/TC.12 conversion for the AMK kit. Had to abandone the option to use the Cheetah D cockpit section for the TC.2/TC.12, as it does not fit well. Making a new two seat configuration. Test fitted the nose and new cockpit tub with both seat types
With the 1/72 Kfir C.10/CE completed, work has started on the 1/72 Kfir TC.2/TC12 for the AMK Kfir C2/C7 kit.

.:Kitsworld:. PBY-5 Catalina^s - "Black Cats" and more

Stock code: KW172158
KW172158 CATALINAS - Black Cats

  • OA-10A Catalina   Miss Pick Up  Originally 5th Emergency Rescue Sqn Halesworth Suffolk April 1945 (Also includes restored version currently flying).
  • PBY-5 Catalina   Wanderin  Witch    Flt Lt Scholes 6 Sqn RNZF Halavo Bay Soloman Islands 1945.

Also Available in 1/48 Scale.

.:Airfix:. Messerschmit Me-262 #spotted

on the Eduard table:)
I'M ON IT /JÁ NA TOM MAKÁM: Me 262A-1a 1/72

Lukáš Zajíc is working on etched parts for the 1/72 Me 262A-1a kit, from Airfix. A large PE set (73600), and a set of details in the ZOOM series (SS600), will be released in July at the same time as the kit is to be launched onto the market. Thanks to close cooperation with Airfix, we have been able to start working on them in advance.
Photo by Eduard of course.

.:Arma Hobby:. PZL P.7a vs PZL P.7a [Airplane Variants]

PZL P.7a, was first airplane of Pulawski fighters series introduced to service of Polish Military Aviation. During production and service several small changes in airframe were developed. See what changes were introduced and how they were rendered in model kit.

.:AMG:. Early Messerschmit^s [B-D] - testbuild - now with clear parts

 Hm. The 48 scale brothers received "highly recomennded reviews"(-;
Will the Jumoschmitts in the 72 replace the Avis ones?

.:Valom:. Heinkel He-119 on floats... #boxart /+ upcoming releases/

the art for the box of  72111 Heinkel He-119 V5 (floats) via Valom

The artist behind the boxart: Zdenek Macháček
  • 72111 Heinkel He-119 V5 (floats)
  • 72117 Handley Page Harrow Mk.II (271. Sqn Normandy)
  • 72118 Handley Page Harrow Mk.II (24th Maitanance Unit)
  • 72119 McDonnell F-101A/RF-101C (European mission)
  • 72122 N.A. RB-45C Tornado - expected October 2017
  • 72123 N.A. RB-45C Tornado (RAF)  - expected October 2017
  • 72124 McDonnell F-101A Voodoo (nuclear bomber)
  • 72112 Grumman J2F-6 Duck

.:Brengun:. Letov S-16 Luftwaffe/Slovak AF

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

The Letov Š-16 was a Czechoslovak single-engined, two-seat biplane bomber. It was designed by Alois Šmolík at Letov Kbely. The Š-16 first flew in 1926.

.:NH Detail:. PE sets for june 2017

  • A72-054 Messerschmitt Me-609 Detail Set for RS Models (92197, 92198)
  • A72-055 Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21MF Fishbed-J Interior Set for KP (KPM0085)
  • A72-056 Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21MF Fishbed-J Exterior Set for KP (KPM0085)

.:Airfix:. Supermarine Spitfire PR.XIX #preoreder [also: #boxart]

2017 #reissue
Arguably the ultimate version of the Spitfire, the unarmed Rolls-Royce Griffon powered PR.XIX reconnaissance aircraft relied on speed and stealth to survive in the combat area. This version of the Spitfire still holds the world altitude record for a single piston engined aircraft, set at 51,500 ft. in February 1952 by Flight Lieutenant Ted Powles.
First entering service with the RAF in 1944, the Spitfire PR XIX was a superb reconnaissance platform and continued in service long after the end of the Second World War. Powered by the mighty Rolls Royce Griffon engine, these ultimate Spitfires travelled at speeds over 100mph faster than the first Squadron machines and could attain far greater altitudes. In February 1952, Flight Lieutenant Ted Powles flew Spitfire PS852 to an incredible altitude of 51,500ft during a reconnaissance flight over the Chinese Island of Hainan.
Flying with RAF No.81 Squadron out of Kai Tak airfield in Hong Kong, Powles set an altitude record for the Spitfire and for single engine piston fighters which still stands to this day, acting as an enduring legacy of these magnificent machines. The scheme worn by Ted Powles Spitfire on his record breaking flight has recently been applied to one of the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight Spitfire PR XIXs (PS915), following the completion of a ‘major plus’ refurbishment of the aircraft. It will hopefully be seen enthralling Airshow audiences throughout 2017.
Date of delivery... May!