.:Hasegawa:. Messerschmitt Me262V056 & Me262B-1a/U1 "Nachtjager" (2 kits) Limited Edition

Kurt's crafts
Me262s were some of the first and fastest early jet aircraft. Germany fielded increasing numbers of them, late in the war, with large radar arrays on the nose and heavy weapons for taking down the bombers wreaking havoc on the Rhineland. Kurt Welter was one of the most successful pilots of the Me262 at night, with 56 victories recorded at night. This limited edition kit combo features two aircraft with four sets of decals including two Kurt Welter decals.

Decal Options:


  •     Luftwaffe Code: V056 (170056) Feb., 1945
  •     Luftwaffe Kommando Welter Leutnant Kurt Welter Code: V056 Jan., 1945


  •     Luftwaffe 10./NJG11 Oberleutnant Kurt Welter Red-10 (110635) May, 1945
  •     Luftwaffe 10./NJG11 Red-8 (110305) May, 1945

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