.:Hasegawa:. F4F-4 WILDCATS "Operation Torch" #soon

the boxart [?] for →http://www.72news.eu/2017/02/hasegawa-f4f-4-wildcat-operation-torch.html
Scale … 1:72
Item no … 02240(02240)
Estimated No. of parts … 34 + 34
Category … WWII U.S. Fighter

1) U.S. Navy USS RANGER VF-9 Code: 9F9 "Operation Torch" Nov.,1942
2) U.S. Navy USS SANTEE VGF-29 Code: 29-GF-10 "Operation Torch" Nov.,1942
3) U.S. Navy USS RANGER VF-41 Code: 25 "Operation Torch" Nov.,1942  Late April

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