.:Eduard: Consolidated GR Mk. V Liberator /backstage photos/

from the making of the Liberator...
Láďa Jonáš has completed the design of the conversion parts for the Liberator GR Mk. V /VI in 1/72 scale.
You can see the finished work being presented to Vladimír Šulc and Martin Ferkl. The project can now proceed to the next stage of the production process.

the new turrets for the Coastal Command Beast!

guns, lot's of guns

the brassin propellers?

the doggie in the room? Well Eduard, +5 for the #respect, +1000 overall for photos like this

and Japo book as the reference
... http://japo.eu/products.php?prod=17 The book by Pavel Türk to be included with this release

Hasegawa parts...

Spring of the 2018/ MArch 2018
All photos by Eduard of course.

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