.:Eduard:. Mikoyan Mig-21MF #renders

First MiG-21MF in 1/72nd scale is scheduled for first quarter of 2018. MiG-21MF was produced by two manufacturers, by Zavod No.21, located in Gorkiy (today Nizniy Novgorod), where the grey surface PVO version was produced, and by Zavod No.30 in Moscow, where the front aviation camouflaged or silver surface aircraft were manufactured. Our kit will reflect differences between both version, and will be released in two different boxings. To introduce the differences, we offer you the popular quiz: find ten differences. Actually, we do have eleven differences on the kit surface, co find them on these eight pictures. Note find surface differences only, no differences inside of the cockpit, because these differences are not shown on these pictures. The winner, the first correct answer, will get a Profipack kit in 1/72nd or 1/48th scale depends of the winners choice.

There are the PVO aircraft (Gorkiy built) on the pictures with greyish fuselage, and the front aviation aircraft from Moscow are these with brownish fuselages.


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