.:Lonewulf Models:. R4M ^Orkan^ set for fw190D and Ta-152 #inbox

Yummy.➼ http://lonewulfmodels.co.uk/
Aftermarket sets from the west wall of Iron Curtain are rare as hen teth.
Today 72news.eu have a pleasure to present one of them.
Sexy as alt-Hell, simple and genius.
Many sets of the long-nosed-doras... Wait
 1...2...3... Sets of the long- nose Doras /Academy, Hasegawa,Tamiya & Dragon and Aoshima for the ta-152/... screaming for late, steel-made fuel drop tank.
The aftermarket gods are listening and the weekend stasher^s  modellers (like me!)  now have the chance for some joy of the diversity.
late steel fuel tank. Made in the 72scale by... ok. By LoneWulf Models, then Kora.
Hm. Some type of Bag-Art;]
decals set, SOLD separately

old school colours scheme, done in the beautiful black & white
/~typical short~ -run quality(-;/

printed by JBOT 
in-bag. Two sets - of the Orkans

with / w/out the wooden racks

and the steel tank. #wantItNow

and instr. manual. Only right-wing is riveted(-;
Photos - courtesy of Sir Kitir

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