.:Hasegawa:. B-24 Liberator Mk.III/V Coastal Command Limited Edition

Closing the gap

It's a long, long way from New York to Liverpool. In WWII, that open expanse of ocean was a death trap. Nazi U-Boats prowled just beneath the surface from coast to coast, sinking vessels by the ton. RAF Coastal Command was given the nearly impossible task of regaining control over the huge "Atlantic Gap". Some of the best aircraft for this mission were the B-24 Liberators. These bombers, with their immense range and payload, enabled Coastal Command to extend protection for convoys far out into the Atlantic. Kit features two sets of decals.

Decal Options:
  • Liberator Mk.V: RAF Coastal Command No.86 Squadron Code: 2-Q (BZ877)
  • Liberator Mk.III: RAF
Release set to May  / 2017
Price? So f scary to ask
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