.:Eduard:. Focke - Wulf Fw190 A8/R2 ProfiPack -> may 2017

splendid boxart
May the Eduard CEO speak himself about this release:
[...]the Fw 190A-8/R2 Profpack kit, with five marking options that are striking both in terms of

their appearance and their service use. Among the most popular of all aircraft in history is the Sturmbock, also known as, inaccurately, the Rammjäger. The Fw 190A is also one of the most successful of all Eduard kits, so what more could we ask for? The new Sturmbock, on top of everything else, has been endowed with incredible boxart, that looks great on the Slim 7 type box[...]
Yeah. Just another blockbuster from the Eduard.
One wish from the 72news.eu? The art from the box as the EduArt print /A5 format, please!/
Now the kit parts:

All images ⒸEduard
src leaflet  for resellers.

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