.:Barracuda Studios:. B-1B Late upgrade sets #ready

B-1B Late Exhaust set

B-1B Intake and Forward Nacelle Upgrade Set:
BR72301 1/72 B-1B Wing Glove Set

BR72296 1?72 B-1B Nose & Tail Correction Set - Late

BR72298 B-1B Late Exhaust/Rear Nacelle Upgrade Set reworks the whole rear of the engine nacelles and trailing edge of the wing root fairing. There are a TON of parts for this set, as each burner can gets 14 separate actuators, and there are four of them! This set will require some real modelling to install, but the improvement will be dramatic!

BR72299 B-1B Main and Nose Wheel Set

BR72300 1/72 B-1B Intake Upgrade Set.

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