.:Amodel:. Tupolev TB-1 & KP-1 #incoming


The Tupolev TB-1 (development name ANT-4) was a Soviet bomber aircraft, an angular monoplane that served as the backbone of the Soviet bomber force for many years, and was the first large all-metal aircraft built in the Soviet Union. /wikipedia says/

ТБ-1 & КП-1 ~TB-1 & KP-1~
Spec. variant with the ~cradle~People intended to be transported in the so-called "cradles" and removable ventral cabins. TB-1 was carrying 16 "cradles", officially known as "automatic ejector of the Red Army." "Cradle" was like a coffin without a lid, in which a skydiver climbed. When navigator of the  bomber pulled the lever, "cradle" overturned, and at the same time all the paratroopers flew down.

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