.:LPS Hobby Decals:. Curtiss P.36 Hawk [H.75] #quicklook p.1

What's a beautiful plane.
 It's a shame, that's still no modern kit of this early war warrior.
But, if you are lucky, and still have one of SH short - runs in ur stash/man cave/Arkham apartament/
well - today 72.news.eu have something 4u.
72news.eu proudly presents:

 Famous evaluation camuflage machines. A great idea for the part of the collection:

Printed IMHO well

Painting and decaling man. is crisp and legible.

US Army

LPM -72-30

also for every brit"exit"modeller

as the one above, no omission, color are full of light and joy

FS Colors
Ok, some src says - check your references before the painting...

Under the new management.
yep, different flavour

The school album photo {hi, mum!}

Variety of the options.
Printed very well, colors made me smile ie. no hasegawa yellowish-white
/aka we already done a hard weathering of all white parts of the decals sheet for you as the *fr33* bonus. Enjoy or cry/

no references provided :/
no stencills

Samples provided by →LPS Hobby←. Thank you.

To be continued.

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