.:Hasegawa:. MIKOYAN-25PD FOXBAT “WORLD FOXBAT” #incoming

Hasegawa stated this one as #released, but other sellers expects this one @ 28 fabruary as late
ICM plastic I pressume
 This kit of the MiG-25PD Foxbat is planned to include three decal variations, including one of the aircraft landed by Soviet Air Force Lieutenant Belenko in September of 1976 at Hakodate Airport in Hokkaido! The other two decal sets will be for an Algerian Air Force machine and one from the Ukraine Air Force.
  • 1) MIKOYAN 25 PD : Algerian A.F. Code: FU-75 (3207)
  • 2) MIKOYAN 25 PD : Ukrainian A.F. Code: Blue-56 VLKSM 60 years anniv. special marking
  • 3) MIKOYAN 25 P : Soviet A.F. Red-31 Lieutenant Belenko Sep.6, 1976 Hakodate Airport 
→ http://www.72news.eu/2016/10/hasegawa.html 
 All parts come molded in grey plastic with clear for the canopy.  This kit is a Hasegawa reboxing of the ICM MiG-25PD kit.  Plastic parts are made in Ukraine by ICM.  Measures 307mm long and 195mm wide when completed

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