.:Big Planes Kits: Pilatus Turbo Porter #quicklook

 Scale plastic model assembly kit. Kit contains injection molded plastic parts, resin parts, photo etched, decals 4 ( color schemes) and masks for window and windscreen. The model was developed using 3D CAD technology.

.:Eduard:. Mikoyan Mig-21MF ~late2017~ #renders

The 1/72 MiG-21MF is proceeding to the production stage. Design of the MF versions is almost over, and the model is approaching the stage of technological preparation that is required for production. Our intention is to go through all production stages as quickly as possible and have the model ready before the end of this year.The design is based on our 1/48 model from 2011, but is significantly modified and adapted to 1/72 scale. It includes some minor shape adjustments, but also the decision to release the kit in two versions. The first version covers the gray machines used by the Air Defence regiments, and the second one will cover the frontline air force machines. The model is designed to be easy to construct.

.:Xtradecal:. North-American B-25C Mitchell Collection #incoming

Simple and brillant idea for decals-makers.
Do it for hot/future releases.
Sad for 72news.eu is the release trigger of the EagleCals decals i.e. new sets only if/for 32 scale subjects from Revell😎
Pink Petunia? I'm in love!

.:Sword:. Kawasaki Ki-102b "Otsu" (Randy) - /all of the sprues | almost |/

Model cat. no. sw72102 Kawasaki ki-102b-otsu-randy
Just another brick sprue in the wall...
and the first one...
So... We must wait for the last one /the canopy/, then for the decals...

.:Special Hobby:. Gloster Meteor Mk.4 "World Speed Record"


. The kit is due to be released during Spring 2017 and will offer the modeller a choice of three machines, the record-holding Yellow Peril and two other speed machines.
new boxart artist... Mr.Reiniš

.: Prop&Jet:. Bisnovat SK-1 #boxart

Bisnovat SK-1. Boxart by Eugeny Knupfer.
The SK-1, (Skorostnoye Krylo – high speed wing), was a research aircraft designed and built in the USSR from 1938.