.:Revell:. brand new spanking NOTHING for 2017.

Airplanes 1:72

In this segment, 2017 will not do much: The already known by ICM Dornier Do 17 Z-10 is just reissued as inhouse Airbus A400M in August 2017 but this time with the current Air Force markings!
Wait, what? Stop crying - this time with the current Air Force markings?

Since march 2015 or 2016[?] Revell has a new CEO. And looks like Revell(Germany!) also has a new refreshed new line/strategy or sth/wtf
Buy StarWars[TM] licence, buy Warhamer4k.
Is the McDonnald/KFC  in the menu in the 2017?

RIP Revell 😢
via Big H: hannants.co.uk:

But no competition means... No R&D for others, and the prices in the whole market will rise.

Maybe, just maybe is a chance for some "reboxes"? He-111 from Hasegawa was a big hit.
Bronco org boxes are overpriced to the crazy level. So?

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