.:Hasegawa:. Heinkel He 111H-6 w/Bv246 Hagelkorn LE

Well before WWII started, the He 111 was a tried and true design, once the fastest passenger aircraft in the world. It was soon set to less peaceful purposes, however, as one of the chief bombers of the Luftwaffe. Its reliability and sure design were later harnessed to the famously inaccurate Bv246-an early form of gliding bomb that offered extraordinary range and destructive potential at the cost of virtually any ability to aim. This limited edition kit features an He 111H-6 with new bomb rack parts, a Bv246, and two sets of decals.

Decal Options:
  • H-6 Late: Luftwaffe 2./KG100 Code: 6N+SK
  • H-6 Late: Luftwaffe experimental plane Code: DF+OV
Suggested retail price... ca. 76 $ #mwahahaha
 Italeri in the catalogue for 2015/2016 included this variant also set for release.
 But in the light of the Airfix He-111s... Looks like the Italians dropped his project.

 Still waiting for aftermarket conversion with the "late" turret version!

Airfix camo scheme for "vintage tool"

...and the real one

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