.:ACE:. Kamov Ka-25 Hoplite | Douglas BTD Destroyer #2017

Looks like some parts of Europe are a bit better with 3D design and moulding 😈
 BTW ACE Model (http://acemodel.com.ua) from Ukraine catalogue 2017 is online:

The prototype first flew on 8 April 1943, demonstrating excellent performance, being much faster and carrying nearly double the bombload of the Helldiver, and orders for 358 SB2D-1s quickly followed. The U.S. Navy changed its requirements, however, wanting single-seat carrier-based torpedo/dive bombers without defensive turrets, and Douglas reworked the SB2D by removing the turrets and second crewman, while adding more fuel and armor, producing the BTD-1 Destroyer. The orders for SB2Ds were converted to BTD-1s, with the first BTD flying on 5 March 1944 [via Wikipiedia. The free etc. etc.]

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