.:Airfix:. The art of the box[art]

/scroll down for 1500px/

My beloved monday^z.
The needle of my beloved H&S Evolution just break the prison nozzle😠 /who knows, maybe she is in searching the light in the end of the nozzle...#ffs/
Now the tool works 120% well.
Of course only as the air-blower. Who need the paint?

.:ICM:. 2017 catalogue - pdf ver.

.:Italeri:. Junker [88 A4!] - with upgraded parts

Just kiddin'...

 One decal scheme. Interessing...
This one against Zvezda+ revell + Hasegawa... Expected sale figures are so low - that's why there is NO SUPER DUPER decal sheet?
 Upgraded moulds
New parts... Ok.

.:MikroMir:. Avro York...#renders

Mentioned on this blog🔻→ http://www.72news.eu/2016/11/mikro-mir-avro-york-tbc.html ←

Looks very promising. IMHO.
Also: if not-a-large-type-no-mainstream manufacturer will produce subjects that's big and - well detailed - the future of modelling (and the scale 72) looks better. (esp. with 2017 Revell f...up)

.:Avis:. EADS Barracuda O_O

What the hell is... uhm... Barracuda -  lads and gents..
with some Google-Fu...
The EADS Barracuda is a jet powered European unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) currently under development by EADS, intended for the role of aerial reconnaissance and also combat (UCAV).The aircraft is a joint venture between Germany and Spain.

Development of the project was stopped after the first prototype crashed at sea while approaching for landing during a test flight.The program was resumed in 2008, with a second prototype being completed in November 2008. The rebuilt Barracuda underwent a series of successful flight tests in Goose Bay, Canada during July 2009,followed by further flight campaigns in 2010 and 2012.
src: Wikipedia. The free... etc etc...