.:Squadron Models:. Haunebu II - German Flying Saucer

aircraft or
What-if / Luft'46

Newly tooled plastic model kit premiere from Squadron Models of the infamous German WWII Haunebu II project. This historic kit is a 1/72nd scale model of one of the most top secret projects of Hitler’s Germany.

  • It includes 125 total parts with complete detailed interior featuring three main operating consoles and nine crew seats, graded floor, electro-magnetic conductor, incredible three piece upper exterior detail and forward bunker housing.

  • Two piece bottom disc, incorporating a fully retractable entrance ramp with extension. The kit also features a main turret with detachable (if desired) roof, housing 2 x 110mm canon.

  • Also featured in the kit is detailed landing gear with the choice of being closed or extended, 4 rotating ball turrets each displaying 2 x 80mm guns and 1 clear sprue with injection molded windows.

  • State of the art Instruction Manual with full color profile and painting guide.

  • Decals by Cartograph. Brief history of the Hannebu II also incorporated into the booklet. Packaged in a deluxe box with protective sleeve including original artwork suitable for framing.

  • Setting a new standard in plastic model kits, this the very first kit from Squadron Models – Helping History Take Flight.

Years of research has gone into the development of this state-of-the-art tooling created to produce this precision model kit. 
Years? O_o
Dat secret base on dark side of the moon iz hard to book a ticket, but...years?
Ok, first model produced by...
btw dear Squadron Models, how about re-introducing Aeromaster and Eagle Strike Decals back into the market?

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