.:RS Models:. Messerschmitt Me-309 V-4... vs Huma 309 #inbox

The firm w/o internet address[?].
the one piece wings

a typical german short-run kit?

one of many products which are representatives for german short-runs line  (-;?

wheel bays

Don't get me wrong - this is still nice, buildable kit. As natural way - Huma model just show his age.
Kits released now are better -when comparing to these released 10 or even 20 years ago.
Un -f_word-beliveable!

have a look @ engraved panel lines

inside the cockpit

with V4 you get all the parts for... V1:) A nice touch

One sprue for V4 box:
New rudder + Mk103 guns fairings
and the decals:
Review courtesy of me and my wallet.
Two last photos done by 72news.eu best friend Herr Kitir @modelforum.cz Thx!

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