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If there somewhere on the internet is the www.jurrassicmodeller.com , they must have a hot & pinned topic:
Eduard 2017: what theyz sh0uld.
And this in one of the threads, done with multi-universe screen -shot tech /soon on ur Iphone X!/

Thanks to His Noodly Appendage of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, our universe is not-so-jurrasic-centric.
So, even the mid-size producers may have a bit of extravagance /of course Yak-Nine is excluded!/

What they should? IMHO - stick with this management, this CEO and - doing the Eduard job.First of all: one of the 72news.eu feat. articles - how to conquer the jurassic world with the 72scale Spitfire:

→ http://www.72news.eu/2016/09/eduard-supermarine-spitfire-to-be.html ←

January 2017.

  • Messerschmitt Bf110 G-4. Reissue.
February 2017.

  • Supermarine Spitfire Mk. VIII - dual combo. 
  • Copy & paste markings(decals) from the 48 edit + one extra 

  • Focke - Wulf Fw190 F8 - weekend edit.

March 2017

Not-confirmed but Spitfire Mk. IX "late" as the weekend?
reeditions happens

April 2017:

  • Avia B.534 serie I & II ~profipack or dual combo~?
  • Moving on to April, we will see the re-release of the Hind, specifically the Mi-24/Mi-35 in  Czechoslovak and Czech service. April’s edition of the kit will be unchanged, and will be likely be produced to the tune of 1,000 piece

May 2017:
with brand, colorful markings /bet @ 72news;)/
  • Focke -Wulf Fw 190 A8/R8 Profipack
  • Mk. XVI bubbletop as profipack or the weekend?
  • MK. XVI highback???
A4 render... 2018 in the 72 scale?
June 2017
Model Brno is a big show, hosted by Eduard and Special Hobby, so?
  • Eduard Beer with add-on /2024 is also accurate for this one/

July 2017:

  • Supermarine Spitfire Mk. VIII - weekend edition

Easy tiger.
 The boys are back:

September 2017:

2018 at least?
Sir Szulc:

We are trying for the same goal, and currently, we are working on a MiG in 1/72nd scale(...). In this case, I am certain of the two year time frame that will be required to finish this project off.
*EDIT* http://www.72news.eu/2016/12/eduard-mikoyan-mig-21mf-late-2017-or.html
October: /or Eday/
  • Consolidated Liberator Gr. V
On the other hand, what will be released in October is virtually a certainty. At E-day in 2017, we will be introducing the Liberator GR Mk.V in 1/72nd. We are expecting on having a publication ready to go along with this kit, dedicated to the use of Liberator GR Mk.III and GR Mk.V by Coastal Command during the Second World War.This book will be written by, and laid out by, Pavel Türk. It will not be exclusive to the use of the aircraft by No.311 (Czechoslovak) Sq. RAF, but will also encompass use by other squadrons. The kit will be built around the original Hasegawa moldings that will be complemented by our own molds to convert the kit to a British Liberator. These will include propellers, turrets, the Leigh Light, rockets and radome. We have been working on the conversion parts since November, and hope that this kit will achieve the level of popularity that was seen by the Hind. We intend to focus on the Liberator GR Mk.VI and GR Mk.VIII as the followup project, slated for release at E-day 2018. Of course, that no longer falls under the category of ‘near future’plans. /via Eduard info/

2015 novemberfest fw190 edit.

  • Fokker D. VII - mentioned, but this is all that 72news noted till today...
  •  Fw 190A Nachtjäger
 and last but not least... The Wild Hog alias Wilde Sau.
The parts are already on the sprue, and the CEO says, that this version has high sales numbers (48 scale of course).

Now time for some speculation.
Still no sign of the Messerchmitt Bf109 family in the true scale, but... Hm
My bet - the community will meet the 109 from Eduard before the Migs... 

/edit: as Eduard promised the Migs to 2017 i'm not so sure now;)/
Hawker Tempest/ NA Mustang are promised but IMHO  no chance before 2019 for them.

Also - no words about long-nose Focke -Wulfs {Doras}.
Ta-152 Super Star? Ca. about 2007/2008 Eduard has done the Tanks in the 32 scale for the Pacific Coast Models. 10 years of the deal?

All images © Eduard.

this iz not a post-truth sample
This was just one more post @ 72news.eu.

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