.:Airfix:. Twiter Q and A ~72 scale teasers [?]~ #2017

Yep. You have your chance to ask.
The Simon, Airfix Guy has the NDA and some chances to aswer to you;]
100% subjective choice of the tweets.
not so many?

P-61? Wait for Hobby Boss(;

how long... 

Thank you, cpt. Obvious. That's why Eduard started his LE project with the B-24

big big Dinosaur

Helo... Brand new "long run" tooling on the market...

big toys...


Devastator? hm

NDA. #noCorsair

There will be only one!

no Yak-9...

suprise. Hawker Hunter!
and for last screen the best of the best:
if the Midway is the key... Val or Dauntless? ^_^

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