.:RV Aircraft:. Focke -Wulf 190D ~longnose Dora~ a #reissue[?]

Dat ones. D11+D12+D13
They are released sometime ago.
Not-so-very accurate.
Flame-able on the communities and... to be honest ~a bit over- pricey~
 (ok - released as double-packs a bit later with more fair price]

Ca. 2014 Radek V. [the person behind the RV Aircraft] sold the moulds [?] and the rights to AZ Model. /as he stated on RV facebook page/
AZ Model  changed the kits /minor corrections has been made to the fuselage, and PE parts changed with the plastic ones/ @2014-2015.
 And of course - D9 variant has been delivered to the market too.
P. Muzikant, the AZ Model owner has mentioned once the D-12 release as torpedo carrier. But... as many of projects, this idea has been dropped [like special release full of weapons for AZ Model Gustav]

The secret now?
RV Aircraft Doras changed status in some stockist from the discontinued to... future release.
Did you remember the <<Morane Saulnier Ms. 406>> from the AZUR? Well, the same sprues are now shipped under the AZ Model Brand.
Time for the  lease of the moulds has ended or... #wtf O_o
To be continued...

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