.:RV Aircraft / AZ Model :. Focke - Wulf Höhenjäger - ?_L.O.S.T._?

The boxarts for never-ever released kits. [all dated ca.2011/2012!]
...but never come to fruition
 ...and now time for the conlusion for the:

November 2014;]
RV /Resin/ done some FWulf before - in the stone Age of the Internet:

So they have the know - how and research:
Questions w/o answers. ε(´סּ︵סּ`)з
Where is now RV Aircraft today?
They have the rights [and the moulds] and the WILL? #NFI
Funny fact: status of the D11-D12-D13 and... Siebel Si-204 from RV changed from "future" release to...the preorder.
Hm - 2 cents from MPM 1995 @ early age of typical czech short - run kits: [Special Hobby now]:
XYZ Model is addicted to new High Quality series /aka galvanized moulds/ with the Me262 collection,

No words of the Focke - Wulfs, but... maybe, just maybe something went wrong @ XYZ Model with the Dora Family.
and .../if anybody is in <the Jon Snow mode> the answer is?...
Be like Lanister, always pay your debts...

Höhenjägers  status?
Still MIA.
but this is 72news.eu and this iz the _Höhenjägers_ viral only.

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