.:Modelsvit:. MiG-21F Izdeliye 72 "Fishbed-B" #incoming

kit no.72021.
December 2016...From Ukraine with love of course(-;

 MiG-21F (1959; Izdeliye 72; NATO "Fishbed-B")

    F = Forsirovannyy ("uprated")
    Single-seat day fighter aircraft. It was the first production aircraft, with 93 machines being made (20 in 1959, 73 in 1960). The MiG-21F carried 2160 liters of fuel in six internal fuel tanks and was powered by an R11F-300 turbojet engine with 5740kgf of thrust. The earliest units were fitted with one NR-30 and two NR-23 cannon, subsequent aircraft were armed with two 30-mm NR-30 cannons 60 shells each, it was also capable of carrying two bombs ranging from 50 to 500 kg each. Avionics included PUS-36D weapons sequencing module, R-800 communications radio, ASP-5NV-U1 computing gunsight, and SRD-5MN Baza-6 radar rangefinder

*edit* another Mikoyan that just released on the market:

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