.:Eduard:. Messerchmitt Bf110 G-4 profipack for january 2017 #incoming

CAT. NO.: 7094
Nobody expect the eduardish discontiued^ishion.
But... the reissue happens.
According to sir Sulc - the sales of this product are nice, but... not in the greatest manner.

<<As Fw190 A5 profi - pack removed from the stock with only a few months on the market🙉>>
and now. The sprues.
 Hm. The antenna tool is missing from this boxing?
2 markings copypasted from 2013 box
Aha - Fw190A5 will be back. Sometime in the ~2017~.
Stay tuned for upcoming detailed investigation about Eduard #2017 on this blog./Blog Post no. 501! #yay/

To be honest - the painting from the previous boxing' was nice, but not so hotties in the town. Thus I prefer 2x weekend edit and... AIMS decals:
Schemes from the AIMS - the GOD of well researched Luftwaffe subjects.

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