.:Eduard:. Focke - Wulf Fw190 A5 #camo for december "light figther"

for december 2016 release.
"light fighter" in the Eduard own methodology means: without outer MG/FF 20 mm cannons.
Photos of this part. machine you can find in the Focke-Wulf Fw 190, Vol. 1: 1938-1943:
"The Fw 190 A-5 probably flown by Major Hannes Trautloft. Geschwader Kommodore of JG 54 based at Pleskau during the spring of 1943. The unit received its first four Fw 190 A-4s in January 1943 with six A-5s following in March The aircraft in the background has similar markings
and may have been Trautloft's reserve machine."

@ pages 195-196 and the fantastic profile by Janusz Swiatlon. Sorry, don't have rights to publish them here and the internet is empty too.
Or...with courtesy of AsisBiz... Another one looking similiar:

+ bunny joke for free http://www.72news.eu/2016/11/eduard-focke-wulf-190a-5-light-fighter.html
src: asisbiz
The "light" wing w/o MG/FF guns
IMHO the decision of the Eduard to publish weekend edition of his kits with additional color schemes is... bullseye. Fantastic;) Can't wait for these ones!

All pics/photos [c] Eduard 2016.

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