.:Eduard:. Focke -Wulf 190A-5 "light fighter" ~the mystery~ behind the second scheme

A5 light figher weekend edition
Hm. Not finished. Yet.
The photos from Eduard Facebook.
Ok. One scheme from the West. Second from the... East Front? But... red heart - looks like the Kunze machine from the Profi - Pack A5. Second one from the Chanell Front? I think...not. Well. Let.see, with some... GIMP-wu-shu.
 Yay, someone removed all the crumbs, but she/he forgot... this nice one.
Single chevron and bar for the East Front Experte?
Ok. Anton Mader vs Hubertus von Bonin machine.
And the red heart must be... color swaped... Why Eduard doing this prank... #noIdea

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