.:Xtradecal:. Focke - Wulf Fw-200 Condor C /2/3/4/8

Focke Wulf Fw 200 Condor |marking for (9)  aircraft #yay
  • C-3 F8+CL 3./KG40 Bordeaux France 1941 RLM71/72/73/65;
  • C-3 Ex KG40 14./TG 4 G6+FY Rhodes 1945 RLM71/72/73/65 with RLM76 Tarnmaster pattern;
  • C-3 Stab.I>/KG40 F8-BB Bordeauux-Merignac 1941 RLM71/72/73/65;
  • C-4 8./KG40 F8+CS RLM71/72/73/65;
  • C-8 9./KG40 +HT Finland 1944;
  • C-2 12./KG40 Bordeaux F8+BW Ship Kills on Rudder RLM71/72/73/65;
  • C-4/U1 CG+AE VIP Transport Helsinki 1944 RLM71/72/73/65;
  • C-4/U1 CE+IB VIP Transport EUaster Front 1942/43 RLM21 White/65;
  • C-3 F8+BW 4./KG40 Russia 1942 RLM72/73/22;

 Well, Xtradecal became my favorite cook and decals dealer this year.

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