.:Eduard:. Supermarine Spitfire - to be continued...

When it rains of Spitfires, it....

The Royall Class hits the stores now.
So, what next?
Quoting the Eduard CEO:
 Other versions, including the Mk.VIII and XVI with both canopy variants, will follow through the second half of the year and continue on through next year, including a Royal Class boxing. So we will be releasing a Limited Edition kit, as well as an ‚Aussie Eight‘ and ‚The Boys are Back‘ release, the last two with an associated publication, with the second edition of ‚The Boys are Back‘ being expanded.
V. Sulc via Eduard Info
If you spot some edition of Spitfire @ 48 scale, they should be re-released in the 72 scale too.

Let's see the scan from Eduard2016 cat. in the analog [printed!] form:

RC and "late profipack" already in the stores.
Anyway - the gossips suggest, that weekend edition has been postponed /like 1/48 bf109g6 -now is set to april  2016/.
But hey - the OverTrees are not limited in any way, so...
Quoting a BM forum user - 172Flogger, who kindly compiled and translated posts from modelforum.cz.
FYI - I'm using 1/48 box/boxarts for illustration purposes only[!]
September - Royal Class Quatro Combo, [1x IXc Early, 1x IXc Late, 2x IXE.]

NovemberMk.XVI Dual Combo Bubletop/Highback Limited Edition

DecemberMk.IXc Early ProfiPack

 1st half of 2017.

Aussie Eight Mk.VIII Limited Edition (with book)

Mk.IXc Late Weekend

Mk.IXE ProfiPack

2nd half of 2017:

NAŠI SE VRACEJÍ / Boys are back
Quatro Combo Limited edition (czech language with the book, august 2017)

Mk.XVI Bubbletop ProfiPack:

~Mk.VIII Weekend~
or maybe... profipack?

One - not confirmed release, but according to the subject IMHO set to 2017/2018 or 2024 is:
...or 2044

Without a new tool [please!] of Fw190D... or Hasegawa rebox* /?/ this combo is well... unlikely.
the rise of bubbletops in the 48 scale
to the downfall in 72;)
*Focke-Wulf 190D from Eduard is still uncertain /or... not confirmed/
B-24 from Hase under the Eduard flag in the Czech Squadrons livery is more probable.../my dreams about LE in the 72scale some day will be true*(-;.
More about upcoming/incoming Eduard releases on this blog - soon.
All images [c] Eduard.

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