.:Eduard:. Focke -Wulf Fw190F #released with some puzzle

Mentioned on this blog here:
Additional weapons frame
 HA! Year after reveal - finally - hi-res, sharp photo!
and suprise - new PE part to...
...and some extra question mark.
screenshot from inst. manual
Parts "not for use" as usual - marked in blue.
One of them is ER4 for ETC adapter [?]
ER4 allows to adapt the ETC 501 under the fuselage to replace the bomb( SC250 or 500) by 4 of 50 kg:
src. wikimedia commons

IMHO 50/50 - my dear readers.
Or... some parts are dropped by Eduard dev team.
Or next boxing with Fw-190G is on the way.
src. wikimedia
 ...even maybe with more fancy drop tanks /as above/ or forgotten racks /bottom pic/
src. airwar.ru

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