.:ICM:. Focke -Wulf FW 189A-2

KIT No 72292
FW 189A-2, WWII German Reconnaissance Plane.
The problem is... The renders from  http://www.icm.com.ua/news/456-fw-189a-2-wwii-german-reconnaissance-plane.html are still for A-1

The question. New, additional parts for A-2 boxing? No, new decals only #rebox - all parts for A1-A2 version are already included on the plastic sprues relased with A1.

.:Eduard:. Consolidated B.24 Liberator |Gr. V| for 2017 [!confirmed!]

src: www.uboataces.com
Sometime ago the disscussion about the train with Eduard's Hasegawas 48 kit's reboxes get the off-topic .
Will the  Eduard's   do something, same way - but with 72 scale?
The answer is yes.
img src. wp.scn.ru
The Coastal - Commands Liberators are big and iconic symbol for the Czech Units fightings alongside RAF.
So. The LE Consolidated B.24 Liberator by Eduard is considered /set to release in 2017.
E-DAY 2017 - Liberator GR. Mk. III & IV
E-DAY 2018 - Liberator GR. Mk. V & VI
*update* Quote from Eduard Info 10/16
There is a certain amount of excitement being
generated echoing the sold-out Hind, but in
this case referring to the development of the
Liberator in 1/72nd scale. Our goal is to release
two kits of British Liberators, the basis of which
will be formed by Hasegawa’s model kit. These
will be augmented by our own conversions which
we plan to make our own moulds and press
them ourselves. The first kit will be that of the
Liberator Mk.III and V, and a section of these will
be dedicated to Czechoslovak crews of No.311
Squadron, Coastal Command. A year later
we’d like to release the second kit, the Liberator
Mk.VI and VIII. The idea will be the same...that
is, Eduard parts, photoetched, masks, and so on,
will be included. A major detail to note here is the
inclusion of a book penned by Pavel Turek. This
guy is considered just as competent to speak on
the Liberator as Mr. Spacek is on the Hind. Pavel
is considering joining forces with a colleague
to bring the book up to the standard of other
publications that have been in our Limited Edition
kits. Neither the models nor the books will be
dedicated solely to Czechoslovak Liberators, but
rather will be a dedication to general Liberator
usage within the British services. I would be very
pleased if the first one was ready for next year’s
E-day, but you know how it goes!
Revi no.78 via Britmodeller Forum
Worth mentioning - this is no a new research subject for the Eduard - see the screen from czech Revi Magazine no.78. And of course previously released B-24kits done by Eduard too. Yep. the src was Academy.
My hope and prayers? Moar!
Like 1/72 SBD "Dauntless" for example - rare bird even on Ebay.

.:Airfix:. Handley Page Victor B.2

The Big, The Bad, The Airfix 2016 Blockbuster.
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Airfix Handley Page Victor B.2
 Announced a year ago.
As the sketches:
And renders: