.:Eduard:. Focke-Wulf Fw190F-8 /profipack/ #incoming September2016

Our next release is another 1/72nd item, in the form of a Fw 190F-8, in Profipack style. Comparing this kit with our other Fw 190A series kits, this one contains an extra set of weapon parts, rockets, bombs and pods. The PE sheet is enlarged to contain all the necessary details for the plastic weapon set. There are five marking options, and in this case, they are not the same as those in the 1/48th scale kit. /Mr. Sulc from resellers leaflet/

Let me explain this diagram..
Frame A. Already known - alias "OT small parts":
Frame D. Clear parts. No suprise:
Frame F. Suprise - unknown  - they should be like "Smooth wings" boxed with RC?
But no - these one is numbered with... "I"
Frame I
 Frame B. Exclusive for F.

AFAIR - one photo done by Viktor Mullin year ago during some czech fest, second from USA IMPS Nationals or sth. So - full set 8x SD50, 1x SC500, 1x AB500, racks for PanzerBlitz late/early [or crude PanzerSchreck maybe?] And ETC 4X 50 adapter. Well, let's compare to older brother.

F-8 Edition by Eduard in 48 scale:

add. fuel tank, SD, SC, AB bombs... Two version of fairings for Mk.103 gun etc.
Ok - if there are additional boxings of Jabo Fw190 [G?]  one the way ~OK!. 
But if there is no any other... Ups, #crycry
From ages fw190 fans waiting for Junkers racks:

Fw 190 G-1 showing the ETC 250 bomb rack, carrying a 250 kg (550 lb) bomb, and the underwing 300 litre drop tanks on VTr-Ju 87 mounts /src. wikipedia commons/

Mk. 103/ Nope. But - there is still hope in aftermarket market. So...

The decals sheet.

Two of them already beaten to death by zylion packages done by Revell /white 1/ or Airfix /Red 2/.

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