.:Barracuda Studios:. Colorful late Bf-109 & Spitfire Mk. VIII #decals

 Bf 109G-6 and G-14 Part 1
Fresh decals set by <<Barracuda Studios>> was released recently.
This sheet features 7 interesting Gustavs with a wide array of colors and markings. Thoroughly researched by Anders Hjortsberg, who also created the stunning profile artwork, these are the culmination of years of research, and represent the latest thinking in color and markings. This sheet features full color instructions, 2 full sets of stencils and enough national markings to do at least 2 aircraft. 
Contrary to mainstream releases these Barracuda decals accents mainly  interesting camo schemes /and/or machines per subject ONLY, not chosed for example by ~famous~ aces, repetitively included again and again...  
/try buying some D-9 Doras, _Without_ parrot decals , meh/
 /click for big pic of course/
Bf 109G-6. White Chevron of III./JG1 flown by Friedrich Eberle at Eelde. October 1943

Bf 109G-6. Black 10 of IV./JG54, Dorpat, Russia, early 1944.

Bf 109G-6. << + - of II./JG11, flown by Günther Specht, Germany. February 1944

Bf 109G-6. Yellow 6, of 9./JG3, Normandy, July 1944 Bf 109G-14. White 21 of Franz Wienhusen, Gruppenkommandeur IV./JG4, autumn 1944.

Bf 109G-6. Blau 62 of JG 110, Finow, Germany. Early spring 1945

Bf 109G-6. Gelbe 20 of 3./EKG(J), Ansbach, Germany. March 1945

BC72227 Spitfire Mk. VIII - Part 1
 This sheet contains markings for 6 different Spitfires operated by different air forces in 23 theatres. The sheet is thoroughly researched and beautifully printed by Cartograf. Complete with 2 full sets of stencils including door stencils and bomb markings and full color instructions.

  • Spitfire Mk. VIII, Serial JF349 HL-K 308th Fighter Squadron, 31st Fighter Group, 15th Air Force, USAAF. Pilot - CO of 308th FS. Flown by Lt. Leland P. Molland. Castel Volturno, Italy. February, 1944.
  • Spitfire MK. VIII, MT982 UM-C 152 Squadron RAF. SEAC. Flown by Warrant Officer Eric Clegg. Sinthe Airstrip, Burma, 1945
  • Spitfire Mk. VIII, A58-517 (RAF serial MT594) UP-F 79 Squadron RAAF. Flown by Flt. Lt. Norman Turnbull (surname legally changed in August to Smithells). Based at Morotai, Indonesia. Late Spring, 1945.
  • Spitfire Mk. VIII, JF476 QJ-D 92 Squadron RAF. Desert Air Force. Pilot unknown. Based at Taranto, Italy. September, 1943.
  • Spitfire Mk. VIII, JF835 UM-T 152 Squadron RAF. SEAC. Flown by Flying Officer Paul “Gus” Ardeline. Sinthe Airstrip, Burma, 1945

 Overall? #awww
The good news? More to come from Barracuda!
P.S. Roy Sutherland, (fyi: the man behind the Barracuda Studios) asked for release Erla Bf-109 in 72 scale answered me:

I'd love to do the Erla decals in 72nd scale, but there is no mainstream kit available of the Erla built 109G-10. When there is, we will certainly be looking at releasing the sheets.

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