.:Modelsvit:. Myasishchev M-17 "Mystic" #incoming

Myasishchev M-17 "Mystic" 

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 The Myasishchev M-55/M-17 (NATO reporting name: Mystic-B) is a high altitude geophysical research aircraft developed by OKB Myasishchev /via Wiki/
The Myasishchev M-17, known as the Mystic or RAM-M, was originally designed in the mid-1950's as a high altitude interceptor, but rather than intercept aircraft, the M-17 was intended to intercept the high altitude reconnaissance balloons the USA were then launching over Russia and shoot them down with a dorsal gun turret. Src and more about this subject @ SpyFlight

 Hm, stratospheric ballon-buster? Only in Soviet Russia O_O
Photo via GreenMates. 
incoming june 16

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