.:Platz:. Heinkel He-219 [ex- Dragon] UHU #july release

As mentioned here, on this blog 
Platz from Nippon Empire is preparing for release in July a rebox of Dragon...
Heinkel He-219
Decals printed in Germany [by ???]
PE parts badge by Eduard.
Orange things by WTF.
Courtesy of Hobby Search - photo from Shizuka. New is the PRICE. #Ugh
and the model himself...
and the blurb

New short-info-sheet.
Decals, PE, WTF. All right in the place.
Included PE
and not-so included {extra purchase, well...)

UHU, looks like:

Don't like orange weights? Well, some just another funny ???

.:Dragon:. Ar234C-4 w/V-1 Flying bomb "Huckepack" #reissue[?]

Dat mystery. Homeopathic reissues done by Dragon.
Not so great kits in the context of easy fits, but for me with a bit of nostalgy(;
Homeopathic -  a few examples per resseller I think.

.:SpecialHobby:. CASA C.212 Aviocar #testsh00t images #incoming

First of the "secret projects" from Special Hobby unrevealed /@Kit Salon  Nymburk 2016/
And...the community still waiting for secret no.2 - a WW2 single - engined fighter.
CASA C.212 Aviocar 

image - wikimedia commons.

.: Modelcollect:. B-52H Stratofortress Strategic Bomber #boxart

The   offensive of the First Ukrainian front(-; brings to the market a newly - tooled iconic heavy bomber from cold war era  
/maybe no wikipedia quoting this time? Ok./
UA72200. The boxart only. 
A Small update, just a screenshoot from Modelcollect webpage...

.:Skale Wings:. Douglas Skyraider AD-5W #released #firstlook

Provisional name of Ukrop Models has been changed to Skale Wings.
Very first release, mentioned @ this blog <<here>> from this fresh-on-the-market company will be:
 Douglas Skyraider AD-5W
Pic of the sprues / to be honest looks like the same @ previous post/

A Typical short-run, fellow modeller say.
I say: short - runs in 2016 became long-runs made with low-pressure galvanized moulds.

The inst. manual. #suprise

Camo schemes

 ...and of course... the decals...

The closer look @ the decals and clear parts:
and the model build from test-shoots: